Not just another repair/maintenance contractor

Our business units are customized and uniquely organized around our clients’ specific needs. Our experience is deep in terms of both construction and maintenance. Our leadership team is tenured and diverse. And our approach to business is permeated by a body of distinct values and commitments.

Integrity...beyond the cliché

Our values – such as honesty in all situations, kindness in all communications, and excellence in all endeavors – are fixed, internally enforced, consistently executed, and displayed daily to our clients.

Compliance isn’t an afterthought

Our awareness and carefulness regarding rules, regulations, and standards has set us apart for many years, and has insured our long-term business relationships with some of the most complex clients in our respective industries.

Communication. Communication. Communication.

Our approach to communication borders on obsession. Whether written or voice, remote or in-person, our clients consistently receive communication that is prompt, careful, respectful, sufficient, and informed.

Client ROI is our top concern.

Our concern isn’t merely to make money. We’ve grown, survived, and thrived for 16 years because concern for our clients’ financial performance governs our daily operations and business decisions.